For the last 30 years, product start-ups have lacked facilities to produce their products in the U.S.

Contract manufacturers have said the businesses were too small to matter, they didn’t have enough money or knowledge about production, and their volumes weren’t high enough for a return on investment.
As an entrepreneur on a limited budget, you can choose the products and services you want on a monthly basis or choose from one of our pre-developed packages to meet your outcome for the year. Our membership and contract manufacturing rates have been developed specifically for you to meet your needs.
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We are doing this because too small to matter matters, and because a lot of small can lead to big things.

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Meet the team behind the dream.

Bernie Lynch

Founder  |  Principal  |  CVO


Scott Thompson

Principal  |  COO


Bill Gearhart

Factory Operations Leader

Amy Bates

Office Leader


Uri Shatten

Systems Operations Leader


Dan Lynch

Polymath, Training Specialist


Lauren Zemering

Polymath, Industrial Design Specialist