Basic Operation and Safety (BOS) Workshops

Our Basic Operation and Safety (BOS) workshops will expose you to the essential skills needed to operate manufacturing technology and tools in a safe and efficient manner. Workshops typically run two to four hours, depending on the number of participants. These workshops are required before a guest or member may operate our equipment independently. Workshops can also be taken to refresh or gain new skills.

For industry professionals or experienced individuals with a membership, skills transfer workshops, called Basic Operation and Safety Transfers, are available upon request.

Basic Operation and Safety Transfers are a faster and cheaper way to get up and running on our equipment. Participants will be given a basic orientation to our equipment and then must be able to independently demonstrate proficiency against a standardized checklist. See our schedule for available BOS workshops.

BOS Workshop

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BOS Transfer

BOS Transfer

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Software Training

Our software training will familiarize you with much of the design and operational software used in industry. Workshops are formulated to guide you to proficiency, starting with  basic skills into well-practiced execution.

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Advanced Training

Maker Professional Registered Apprenticeship

Maker Professional Apprentices go through a rigorous 244-hour Related Instruction (RI) curriculum, while completing 2000-hours of On-the-Job Learning (OJL). The 244-hour, 20-hour a week RI curriculum includes two parts; formal knowledge training, as well as project-based hands on technical skills training. The formal knowledge portion includes topics such as safety, project planning, group dynamics, prototyping, production and much more. The RI program is designed to instruct participants in how to develop a professional capacity and work within limitations, habits, and desires with regards to an “optimal outcome” for each through a personalized Individual Training Plan.

This program is offered at a cost of $5,000 per participant, typically underwritten by the local workforce system or the employer. Financing options are available.

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Customized Job Training

At Factory Unlocked, we can work with your company to develop customized training to increase employee knowledge base, decrease employee churn, and reduce onboarding time. These programs are custom built around your company’s needs and can be offered over a variable length of time to accommodate hiring timelines.


In 3 months, we can teach you the skills needed to design, prototype, and manufacture small batches of products for the purpose of building your business, entrepreneurship, or skills training.

The Makership is a 3-month, 244-hour accelerated training program focused on a breadth of knowledge training protocol in advanced manufacturing. The core training of this program is similar to the longer 2000-hour Maker Professional Registered Apprenticeship program, however does not include On-the-Job Learning or job placement.

As a stand-alone training program, this course is perfect for those looking to expand their knowledge in, and or learn more about advanced manufacturing. Participants will go through the same curriculum as the Maker Professional Registered Apprenticeship and are responsible for the same projects during their 244-hours over a three-month period. Cohorts are required to commit at least 20-hours a week and spaces are offered on a first come, first serve basis.

This program is offered at a cost of $3,500 per student, which includes 3 months of training and 3 months of membership and is also available on a per contract basis for larger cohorts. Financing options are available. 

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Youth Training

Level UP

Factory Unlocked’s Level UP program is a youth focused advanced manufacturing exploratory pipeline program that is delivered as a catalyst to drive participants into the next

phases of their life. Participants will go through 3-months of exploratory project-based learning in a variety of “around the world” style topics.

Topics include, but are not limited to laser cutting and etching, 3D printing, textiles and fabrics, soldering and basic electronics, core woodworking and finishing skills, basic metal working and sheet metal manipulation, sandblasting and powder coating, CAD/CAM, and CNC basics.

Participants will exit the program with an enhanced knowledge of both traditional and advanced manufacturing processes as well as having completed multiple portfolio projects. As a catalyst program, Level UP is designed as a broad scale exposure program to invigorate and introduce participants to a variety of industry needed jobs and skillsets.

This program is offered at a cost of $2,500 per student, or on a per contract basis.

Summer Engagement Programs

FUN with 3D Printing

3D Printing - An introductory 4-week 3D printing and modeling course designed to orient the participant to the concepts of Fusion Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Autodesk Fusion 360.  The course is seeded with real-world problem-based solution challenges and will impart entry level design thinking, problem solving, working with teams, professional communications, and personal responsibility skills upon the participant culminating in a final presentation and pitch.


FUN with Lasers

Lasers - An introductory 4-week exploratory pathway into the world of vector-based design solutions through laser cutting and etching.  The course will focus on the creative elements of laser cutting and etching and will teach the basic concepts of CorelDraw and CO2 laser operation.  Facilitated and independent projects will encompass topics such as photo etching, puzzle design, and living hinges.  The program will sunset with a final presentation of all projects as well as a personal pitch on real world applications of skills gained.