For the last 30 years, product start-ups have lacked facilities to produce their products in the U.S.

Contract manufacturers have said the businesses were too small to matter, they didn’t have enough money or knowledge about production, and their volumes weren’t high enough for a return on investment.
Factory Unlocked is solving this.
We are unlocking the factory doors so tat all start ups, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, makers, builders, professionals, dreamers, and go getters like you have an affordable, accessible, approachable place to develop a business, turn an idea into a marketable product, or increase technology literacy.


Contract Manufacturing

We’ll do the work for you. Product services will be custom tailored to your needs, focusing on prototypes, small batch production, design, and other manufacturing services.

Training & Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops and skills training in robotics, equipment, IoT, maker professional training, and much more.
For a complete list and schedule, please contact us.

Start Up Production and Office Space

We offer dedicated 10' x 10 ' factory space for production and office space in an opportunity zone that includes free parking and mail service.


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