A New Foundation

Small businesses need support to leverage their product in the shared economy model. Factory UnlockedTM is a base for the new response to startup manufacturing challenges and offers affordable access to space, equipment, design and prototyping studios, business support, and more .

Factory Unlocked is a micro-factory, co-working hub, and small batch production center for manufacturers interested in groundbreaking digital technology like 3D printing, the Internet of Things, small batch fabrication, and mass customization: hallmarks of the rising Third Industrial Revolution.

Designed in cooperation with multi-sector stakeholders over a period of 4 years, Factory Unlocked is a leading-edge production complex. It is a regional center for entrepreneurs, small business start-ups, and individuals with professional interests in science, technology, engineering, design, manufacturing, and logistics. By providing a connected support structure, Factory Unlocked is contributing to the growth of burgeoning businesses of the innovation economy today.