The Progression

From 1980 – 2010, early-stage product firms slowly moved to commercialized mass production in overseas manufacturing facilities. Within this entire generation, the U.S. lost its capacity to manufacture and produce high-tech products or even source rare earth minerals; areas in which the U.S. formerly led.

Led by the Factory UnlockedTM founder, the “New App for Making It In America” project examined these issues and captured the attention of the White House Office of Science and Technology. President Obama proposed and included a national policy initiative to support start-up manufacturing in his 2014 State of the Union speech. Since then, this initiative has been the catalyst generating the momentum for addressing this market gap.

From this initiative, Factory Unlocked provides the tools and technology startups require to prototype, scale, and commercialize in the U.S. It also guides startups on how to design for manufacturing and trains individuals in the state-of-the-art digitization processes of both product design and commercialization.