Services and Solutions

Contract Manufacturing

We’ll do the work for you. Product services will be custom tailored to your needs, ranging from design to fabrication.

Product Design
There are many different ways to make any single product, and Factory Unlocked can help provide a variety of concepts to choose from to ensure that your design suits you and your future customers. Unlock the full design and performance potential for your product with Factory Unlocked's experienced team.
Make it easier for investors and customers to understand your vision by showing them something real and tangible. At Factory Unlocked, we help you validate your product idea by making a real, working model so you can edit and confirm your product’s design before investing in expensive tooling.
Small Batch Production
Manufacturing goods is a large step in delivering your product to market and Factory Unlocked can develop your products from start to finish, ensuring every final component is engineered to fit together and function properly off the production line.
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Dedicated Space

At Factory Unlocked, we understand startups' need for functional space to operate and collaborate as a team. We offer 10’x10’ space that teams can use as a dedicated work area. Startups paying for a Dedicated Space have exclusive use of their area.

Each Dedicated Space comes with access to high speed WiFi, team member parking permits and our Member onboarding kit.

Please reach out to reserve your space now!

Training & Workshops

We offer a variety of equipment and skills training to help get you to your next step in your future career.

- Maker Professional
- Registered Apprenticeship
- Makership
- Equipment and software
- Customized Job Training
- Level Up
- Summer Engagement Programs

For a complete list and schedule of our trainings and workshops, please reach out for more info!